Just call me Ms. Weaver


I had my hair done today.  This was such a treat because it has been H.O.T. and I had been feeling really uninspired by my wardrobe, my house, my to-do list, and pretty much anything requiring effort.

A few weeks ago my Hair Care Gal moved salons which is great for me because she’s closer to me now and on the way to Winco.  Since she’s close to the store and I was there on a Sunday I figured I’d just head on over and do my grocery shopping when I was done with my hair.  (Isn’t this what you do when you get your hair done?  Wait, did you say no??  Did you say you go out with friends, have a drink, or show it off?  Oh.  Okay.  Well, same thing, sorta.)

Anyway… my Hair Care Gal kept making comments like “Ooohhhh let’s get you all sexy for Winco”.  And I was like, “Oh yeah…LETS!” chuckling to myself since Winco is not known for it’s fashion savvy shoppers.

So there I was picking out some green beans when the produce guy turns to me and says, “Has anyone ever told you you look like Sigourney Weaver”?


I’m not sure I like the comparison as I’m not a huge fan of Ms. Weaver.  But out of all the pictures I could find online I’ll assume he’s talking about this version of her ‘cuz I don’t like how she usually looks.


After the Sigourney Weaver comment I finished my shopping and headed to the check out line.  As I pulled in the checker (male) looked up and said, “Oh!  I like your hair!  You’ve done something different!  It looks so good!  Boy, that looks GREAT!”

So I guess my hair looks good.  I’m still getting used to the dark.  After spending 40 plus years as a blonde it still takes me by surprise when I see it.  I like it, but it doesn’t feel like Me yet.

But I’m working on it.

Total time from shower to shoes: 0 (I didn’t have to do it!)

Total time saved: 60 minutes!

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

When You’re In The Mood For Something New


You know when you’re in the mood for something new?  Normally when I feel this way I go shopping – new shoes, a new top, just a little something to look forward to the next day.

But, as you can see from the picture above, this time (Oh, this time!) I did not go shopping.  No indeed.  This time I called in Lisa, my Hair Care Gal.

I said, “Lisa, I’m thinking of going darker.”

She said, “OHHHHH!  That would look GREAT!  You’d be a GORGEOUS brunette!  You will LOVE it!  I’m SO excited!  WHEN can we DO IT?!!!”

(Really, this is how she talks which is why I LOVE her).

It all started at the mall.

We were there to get my daughter’s ears double pierced.  So while we were waiting I was dinkin’ around looking at all the stuff.  There was this carousel with those long fake pony tails and I held one up to my face and said to my younger daughter, “Heh, heh, how about this?” in the tone that I think is funny and she clearly does not.

After she turned away I looked in the mirror and actually liked the contrast.  So it started me thinking… Maybe, just maybe, I was ready for a bigger change than a new shirt.

The more I thought about it the more I realized I was pretty sick and tired of fighting my dark roots.

My dark roots started to sprout early. Only 2 weeks post pampering, I found myself noticing them with a disgruntled “harumph”.  I knew this could only mean mean One Thing.  I am no longer naturally blonde!

Even though I was “born blonde,” since I no longer had the roots to prove it, could I really claim this title anymore?  And frankly trying to hold onto my youth was exhausting and a total drag.

So I took the plunge and did it!  You see that picture above?  It’s actually much lighter than when I originally had it done because I took a vacation in the sun right afterwards.  For 10 days.  Oops.

But I love it!  It’s been 5 weeks since I had it darkened and it still looks great.

And the best part?  The Hair Care Girl lifestyle is even EASIER than before!

I’m tellin ya’ – if you’re like the old me and still highlighting your hair, fighting your roots, gripping the past like it’s a piece of delicious cake – take the plunge and go dark.  It’s fantastic!

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...