Hair Care Girl’s Tip #3

Today’s hair care tip involves (lower your voice and say it quietly within your mind) … “grease”.

“WHAT???!”…. Gross!

Now let’s be mature.  Grease is for kids.  This Hair Care Girl prefers the term “natural oils”.

As a committed Hair Care Girl it is important to “own your natural oils”.  That’s right.  All this time you’ve been avoiding nature’s bounty.  But Hair Care Girl knows better and I hope you do too.

Here’s the tip.

Tip #3: When your hair starts getting a little *ahem* oily, start running your fingers through it.
Spread that stuff allllllll the way out from the roots to the ends.  I like to do it when I watch TV, before bed, and when I get up in the morning.  It’s natural, it’ll make your hair more beautiful than you thought possible.  And it’s FREE!

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Day 3: A Place of My Own

Day 3: Just a touch up will doThis is what my hair (almost) does naturally.  This is how I like my hair!  I do love my hair straight after I get it done.  But try as I might I’m not so good at maintaining that look.  Long wavy hair is a natural fit for me.

Today’s hair (Day 3) is curly because I went on a run.  In the rain.  Then I put it up in my trusty scrunchy (scrunchie?  scrunchi?) for a bit.  When I took that scrunchy out it was already wavy.  All I did was use a large barreled curling iron on the ends in the back to get them going in the same direction. It turned out great with just a smidge of effort.

One of the biggest misconceptions of the Hair Care Girl lifestyle is that people think they won’t have to do anything to their hair.  I have never said this.  I just said you aren’t going to wash your hair.  The goal is to reduce the damage of stripping your hair through over washing and then making it worse with excessive heat (a.k.a. your blow dryer).

But here’s what I’m really thinking, “Who knew I had so much to say about my hair?”

“I did”, says Hair Care Girl’s Hubby.

So you can see why this blog is a good idea.  I have a lot to say and Hair Care Girl’s Hubby someone is tired of listening to me.

Total time from shower to shoes: 30 minutes

P.S.  I’m thinking about putting scrunchies on my product list.  I’ll get to that after I put my leg warmers away.

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...