Hair Care Girl’s Tip #1 & #2

If you have long hair I have found the following sleeping tricks ensure beautiful hair in the morning.

Tip #1:  Put your hair in a messy bun using a scrunchie just like the ones from the 80’s.  Hello Madonna!
This will give you soft waves in the morning.

Tip #2:  Sleep with your hair loose, but fan it out on your pillow.
No, it probably won’t stay this way but it will help.  If you straighten your hair though this will help it stay straight with little to no fixing needed in the morning.

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Be Flexible

Day 5: Be Flexible

Today isn’t an exercising day so I knew my hair was really going to rock.  Especially because yesterday I spent extra time getting ready  in anticipation of a lunch date with a dear friend.

Sometimes by Day 5 I need to use a little dry shampoo at my temples but not today!

After straightening a few stray kinks though my hair still didn’t feel right.  So back in the ponytail it went.  It looked super cute because my bangs were perfectly side swept, complimenting my newly rediscovered cute blue jacket.

Total getting ready time from shower to shoes: 20 minutes.

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...