Before You Start

Step 1: Get a Shower Cap!

Who wants to wash their hair everyday?  It damages your hair, takes time, costs money, and forces you to make decisions you don’t want to make.  Who wants that?  Not.  Me.

To fix this problem I only wash my hair every 14 days.  Yes, that IS only 2 times a month.

You think this is gross?  It’s not.  I mean I DO wash my self.  I just skip the hair part.

My hair went from damaged, dry and dull, to thick, luxurious, and shiny in 3 months.  No lie.

Step #1:  Buy a shower cap.
I like the terry cloth kind because they’re super comfy.  You can use whatever you can find or what’s cheapest.  Please note:   If you’re in a relationship where your looks and sexy-ness are important you may want to either warn your partner or shower in private.  Trust me on this one.  Jokes will abound.

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Bad Hair: In the beginning

My hair stylist told me… “Hair Care Girl, you should really stop washing your hair everyday”.

And I’m like, “Whaaaa??? No way!  Do you know how sweaty I get?  I mean, I work out!”

So my hair gal says, “Okay”.

…But I left that appointment thinking “What if?…”

This is the story of how my “what if” turned into a “how to” turned into a blog, because guess what?

People want to know!  How in the world do I have such gorgeous hair and not wash it?

I mean, isn’t that GROSS?

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...