My Hair Is Not Inherently Good

It's been 10 days since I washed my hair

The other day I was out with a group of friends and we started talking about the Hair Care Girl Lifestyle.  And I heard comments like:

“I tried not washing my hair but it looked terrible.”

“You know, my hair just can’t do it, it’s too (curly, straight, greasy, thin, thick).”

“You’re lucky, you have good hair for this.”

“You have such great hair, I could never do it, it’s too hard.”

Ladies!  Ladies!!!!  This just is not true!  I do not have inherently “good hair”.  In fact, to prove it I’m going to show a picture of my hair with absolutely nothing done to it.  In the picture below I was camping and had washed my hair with cheap shampoo/conditioner.  I was camping so I also used no product and no hair dryer.  Nothing.  Just shampoo, conditioner, and the sun to dry it.  And this is what it looks like au ‘natural:


Not so good, huh?  You see my hair is FRIZZY.  My hair has COWLICKS.

The reason the Hair Care Girl Lifestyle works for me is because I had to learn about my hair.  I had to learn what to do when it has weird kinks or my cowlick makes me look bald.  I had to learn what to do when it looks greasy and when it looks dry.  I had to learn how to wear it up all different ways beyond just a pony tail.  Basically I learned how to get really creative with my hair.  And this leaves me with so many options everyday I never stress about it.

Not everyday is a fantastic hair day but everyday is a good hair day.  Why? Because now I have tons of ways to wear my hair and I’m not attached to it looking any particular way.  Which is the essence of living the Hair Care Girl lifestyle…easy!

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Sleep, Wake, Brush, and Go!

sleep, wake, brush, and go!

How did it happen that I haven’t posted a picture of Day 4?  As much as I enjoy having my hair straight, it just doesn’t stay that way.  Today’s hair is the result of yesterday’s efforts.  Yesterday I just couldn’t pull off anymore straight-ness so I curled the ends with a big fat curling iron.

Then I slept on it.

Then I woke up.

Then I brushed it.

Then I took this picture.

Actually that’s not true.  You see all of my Hair Care Girl pictures are taken at the end of the day.  Which, if you think about it, is even more impressive!

It’s more impressive because the photos here are after a full day’s work, plus running around, sitting outside for hours on end at sporting events, getting wind-blown, rained on, and otherwise assaulted by our Northwest weather.

And still, it survives!

Total time from shower to shoes: 20 minutes
(Time saved today: 40 minutes)

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...