The nape of my neck has secrets

Day 8: Thick and luxurious, if 'they' only knew!

Day 8: Someone asked me today, “So how greasy IS your hair?”.  The emphasis was on the IS as though this is some big secret I wouldn’t share like my weight or how much money I make. Now, before I answer the question take another look at that picture. 

Does that hair look greasy?  Does it look dirty?  Does it look like I ignored it all day, left the house with it soaked at the nape with sweat and oil?  Does that hair in any way say anything other than Fabulous?


But the answer to all those questions is “Yes!”.  If you don’t think that by Day 8 you won’t be questioning your sanity you’re wrong.  By this time it’s not unusual for me to flirt with the idea of throwing in the towel and washing my hair.  But I never do.  You know why?

Because it takes too long.
Because my hair will ultimately look worse.
Because nobody really cares what my hair looks like anyway.
Because one day of bad hair is worth many days of good hair.
Because this is my lifestyle baby and I like it!

That hair up there in that picture?  It is so heavy with “natural oils” that it feels wet.  Gross huh?  Take another look at the picture.  Do I care?  No.  And today was an exercise day so it was also sweaty.  Do you know what you get when you mix sweat with eight days of “natural oils”?  Thicker hair.

And that’s why my hair was super great today! 

Total time from shower to shoes: 35 minutes

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Hair Care Girl’s Tip #3

Today’s hair care tip involves (lower your voice and say it quietly within your mind) … “grease”.

“WHAT???!”…. Gross!

Now let’s be mature.  Grease is for kids.  This Hair Care Girl prefers the term “natural oils”.

As a committed Hair Care Girl it is important to “own your natural oils”.  That’s right.  All this time you’ve been avoiding nature’s bounty.  But Hair Care Girl knows better and I hope you do too.

Here’s the tip.

Tip #3: When your hair starts getting a little *ahem* oily, start running your fingers through it.
Spread that stuff allllllll the way out from the roots to the ends.  I like to do it when I watch TV, before bed, and when I get up in the morning.  It’s natural, it’ll make your hair more beautiful than you thought possible.  And it’s FREE!

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...