Romance is in the Hair

Day 7: Romance is in the Hair
Today is Day 7.  Sadly, I’m not going to make it to 14 days because I get my hair cut tomorrow.  Normally I time my hair appointments to coincide with hair washing days but this month it wasn’t to be. 

Today I felt like going for a different look so I broke out the curling wand and got to work.  This style takes a little more effort and applies heat to the hair so I don’t do it very often.  Also, it’s a very feminine look so if you try it prepare yourself for the attention that follows. 

Here is what happened while out grocery shopping this morning:

 Man#1 says, “You look like you’ve been to church this morning!”  (Me, “?!?!?!”)

Man #2 says, “Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to read what your button says.” (I do wear a button on my coat, but no one has ever mentioned it before.)

Man #3 says, “You sure look pretty this morning.” 

Woman #1 says, “What does your button mean?”

Woman #2 says, “I like your purse.”

That’s five, count them five people who talked to me at the grocery store this morning.  Was it because my button was so intriguing?  No.  Was it because my purse is so cute?  Well, it is, but I don’t think so.  It’s because my hair was so soft, feminine, and fabulous people couldn’t help but want to talk to me. 

What’s your hair doing for you???

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