Sometimes My Hair Surprises Me!

Day6 - What a surprise!

Here is Day 6 and my hair surprised me once again!  Today’s great hair day can still be attributed to Day 4’s super sonic attention with the hair straightener.  This morning I had to go into work early.  So I spent 3 minutes total on my hair for that.  This means I applied a little dry shampoo at the roots, brushed it, and put it in a messy bun.

When I got home I put it in a ponytail and went for a run.  In the heat.  Can you say s-w-e-a-t-y?  So I figured my hair was a goner.  But look at the picture!  I know, it’s a little fuzzy but that’s because today’s photographer is 11 years old and was more preoccupied with the sun than my hair.  Now getting back to my hair…

I showered with my trusty shower cap after my run, let my hair dry in the ponytail (which I never do) and then this happened!  All I did was run the blow dryer over it and brush it!  No hair straightener or curling iron were used with today’s do.

Total time from shower to shoes: 15 minutes

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...

Hair Care Girl’s Tip #1 & #2

If you have long hair I have found the following sleeping tricks ensure beautiful hair in the morning.

Tip #1:  Put your hair in a messy bun using a scrunchie just like the ones from the 80’s.  Hello Madonna!
This will give you soft waves in the morning.

Tip #2:  Sleep with your hair loose, but fan it out on your pillow.
No, it probably won’t stay this way but it will help.  If you straighten your hair though this will help it stay straight with little to no fixing needed in the morning.

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...