Day 1 trepidation? Say it isn’t so!

Day 1: Say NO to exercise!

This is what I love about Day 1.  Soft fluid hair.  Here is what I hate about Day 1: sleeping on said hair.

I will do anything, anything(!) not to ruin my hair on day 1.  Exercise?  Forget it.  Ponytail?  No way.  Hairspray.  Nope.  Rain?  Get me an umbrella, quick!  And sleep?  Well, this Hair Care Girl loooooves to sleep.  But settling my head on my pillow is fraught with trepidation.

But I do it anyway because without sleep I’m cranky and wrinkled.

But you know what?  My hair always looks better on Day 2.  On Day 2 sometimes I don’t even brush it!  I just walk right out my door and greet the world.

Total time for shower to shoes (this is a full-on hair care day!): 90 minutes
(remember that 90 minutes, it’s going to come in handy later)

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