Ring a bell! Day 14 is here at last!

Day 14 and you can't even tell!Day 14 is here at last!  Can you tell this hair hasn’t been washed in 2 weeks?  I can’t.  And that is my point about the Hair Care Girl Lifestyle.

I love Day 14.  I love it because my sense of determination and commitment has been thoroughly satisfied.  I love it because I met my goal.  I love it because I know that once again there is not much I need to do.

And I love it because I know that tomorrow I get to wash my hair!  And washing it will be such a relief.  I mean, how many people luxuriate and appreciate the process of washing their hair?   For them it’s just “ho-hum”.  For me it’s a Holiday.  Believe me.  When you only wash your hair twice a month you really, really enjoy it!

This hair you see above?  In two weeks (14 days, 1/2 a month) it has been:

Shampoo-ed: 1 time (only!)
Full Blow Dry: 1 time (only!)
Straightened: 1 time
Rained on: 1 time
Ponytailed: 4 times
Curled: 3 times
Put in a bun: 3 times
Worn down: 7 times
Wind blown beyond measure: 5 times (brrrr!)
Sweaty: 6 times (ewwwww!)

Some days were easy and my hair pleasantly surprised me.  There were a few days where I just never felt like my hair looked that good.  But you know what?

When I was an everyday hair washer I never liked my hair.  I always had hopes of wearing it down but I usually ended up pulling it back.  Feeling frustrated with my hair used to be the norm.  Now it’s the exception.

And this is why I live the Hair Care Girl lifestyle!

Total time from shower to shoes (Day 14!): 20 minutes

Living the Hair Care Girl LifeStyle...