What you REALLY want to know (but are too polite to ask)

Day 5 - The BIG question

My sister said it best.  “Doesn’t your hair stink?”  It’s a question only your best friend or sister can ask because you’re both beyond being polite and dancing around the BIG QUESTIONS.

So what does this Hair Care Girl do in a situation like this?  I do this:

To my husband, “Hey honey, does my hair stink?”


“Come closer, does it stink now?”


Stepping even closer, “How ’bout now?”

And the verdict is “no” my hair doesn’t stink.  Not even on Day 14.

You see this Hair Care Girl doesn’t ever want to smell like a 5th grader.  You don’t know what 5th graders smell like?  They smell like B.O. and stinky hair.  (No offence to all the 5th graders out there who I hope are not reading this and if you are, go take a shower).

To prevent the dreaded 5th grade smell I implement the following tricks throughout my 14 day Hair Care Cycle.

Good smelling trick #1
Shower daily.  I know it sounds crazy that I’d even need to mention this.  But some people have the idea that not washing their hair means forgoing all sorts of cleaning rituals.  It does not.  Please.  Take a shower.  And use good smelling soap while you’re at it.

Good smelling trick #2
Use great smelling Dry Shampoo.  Dry Shampoo does two things.  Number one, it absorbs the grease on your scalp.  This makes your hair more fluffy and light.  Number 2, if it’s a good dry shampoo it will also smell good and have deodorizing properties.  I like Alterna brand but in a pinch I’ve also used baking soda.  Some people use Baby Powder and I did that too, way back when.  But it clumps and gets too thick.  Baking soda is grainier so the extra leaves your hair easier.  Whatever you use (dry shampoo or baking soda) give it a minute to soak in.  Then I like to run a blow dryer through my roots to blow out any extra.

Good smelling trick #3
Moroccan Oil.  I can’t say enough about Moroccan Oil.  It will replenish the ends of your hair and also make it smell good.  I put this on at night before I go to bed.  In fact I did this last night.

So that’s it…all my tricks of the trade.

The above picture is Day 5 and “Gee, my hair smells terrific!”

Total time from shower to shoes: 30 minutes
Total time saved: 30 minutes

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